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In this assignment I will be outlining the functions of main cell components.

Main cell components: Cell membrane, lysosome, nucleus, nucleolus, nuclear membrane, vacuole, mitochondrion, Golgi body, ribosomes, smooth ER, rough ER and cytoplasm.


The nucleuscellcontainsDNAandRNAandresponsibleforgrowthandreproduction and this is the control centre of the cell, and controls many functions, it is fenced around by an double membrane that’s known as nuclear envelop which part’s the contents of the nucleus from the cytoplasm. The envelope also aid’s maintaining the shape of the nucleus.
Cell membrane
The cell membrane is skin of the cell it’s a fine layer of fat and protein, which surrounds the cell and gives the cell its shape, it also allows material to pass through into the cell and prevent others from going in.
Rough ER
Rough ER is concealed with ribosomes these are tiny black bodies which give it a rough form. Rough ER carry’s materials through the cell and creates proteins in sacks called cisternae
The cytoplasm is gel fluids on the outer surface of the nucleus were organelles are found which contain a complicated combination of nutrients and chemicals which are essential living things for the cell.
Smooth ER
This has enzymes that creates and digests membrane proteins and lipids; smooth ER buds off from rough ER, moving the newly-made proteins and lipids to the membranes, lysosomes and. Golgi body, this Smooth ER also carry’s materials through the cell.

Golgi body
Golgi body is a compressed coated sac that package…