Essay about Old Age and Laban Qualities

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Theatre Movement
November 27, 2012

Cover of Life

Watching the Cover of Life as an audience member the characters Kate and Aunt Ola stood out the most to me when it came to noticing the Laban qualities of movement. Such qualities include direct/indirect, quick/slow, heavy/light, rising/falling, advancing/retreating, widening/narrowing, and bound/free. Other key movements to take note of are a characters body lead, area of tension, and the character’s center. Kate was a news reporter for Life Magazine. She was assigned to write an article on these three women in a small town whose husbands/fiancees who are at war. Kate is an independent middle-aged woman who has spent her life focusing on her career. The Laban qualities of movement that Kate exemplified are direct, quick, heavy, rising, advancing, and widening. She was direct to show her focus and determination to gather information for the magazine article. Kate was quick to show her urgency to get research and facts on the ladies stories. Her movement was heavy which showed how her job was tiring and that her age was starting to impact her looks. She was rising which displayed her love for her occupation as well as pride in who she is and what she does. Kate was also advancing to show

her determination to continue progressing in her field as a reporter. She is widening to show her independent and professional side. Kate’s body leads with her head which shows her dominance as well as adding to her independence. There seemed to be tension in her shoulders. She always had straight posture which gave off the impression that she was a wealthy woman. Kate also held her center in her middle which added to her good posture. Aunt Ola was the mother of all the men who went out to war. She came off to be a tired old woman with a lot of spunk. The Laban qualities that are most fitting to Aunt Ola’s character are direct, slow, heavy, falling, advancing, widening, and bound. Aunt Ola was direct which showed how her character’s mind