Old Majors Speech Essay

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Old Majors Speech

George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm describes a cruel dictator named Old Major, who runs his farm in a cruel and useless manor. The respected boar Old Major makes a speech in a threatening tone in attempt to argue that all the misery is because of man, if we get rid of man we will finally be free. He argues that man takes all the fruit of his labor and we live as slaves not knowing when we will be brutally slaughtered. If they got rid of man they could be free and start their lives again.

Firstly the animals live in fear, fear of man and the things man are going to make them do every day and when their time will be up. The persuasive techniques that Old Major says that if the animals follow him we can start a rebellion and if we all stick together we will be bigger in numbers not live in fear. Old Major pretends to be their friend but is secretly using a threating tone to try and control the other animals.

Secondly the animals are not free and are trapped on the farm being over powered by the humans. Old Major uses persuasive techniques like using manipulative language trying to convince them to follow him and then we can finally be free and equal. He says “only get rid of man, and the produce of our labor would be our own. Almost overnight we could be rich and free.”

Lastly man takes all from the animals on the farm whilst the animals are doing all the work. The persuasive techniques he uses are by making the points about how they get nothing