Essay about old man and the sea

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Sorry I didn't rly read this book and I'm not in college so deal with it :/ at least I tried. Now when I first tried to submit this document the website told me "this essay is to short!" that's when I began typing again and I probably either did or didn't waste your time while you were reading this so if your still reading I'm gonna tell youa little story. Once upon a time there was a highschool student who had an essay due november first now their teacher gave them this assignment way back in the beggining of september, so they thought they would have plenty of time little did they know that they would soon forget about this assignment until october 31st. Now being the cool kid as they were they went trick or treating and got chocolate wasted with there friends that night only to realize at 11 o'clock that the essay was due tomorrow and the teacher said no late work would be accepted. So they skipped that Friday of november first hoping that they could finish it over the weekend but then they went to the mall and the movies and watched t.v and was on ifunny and vining all day and hosted a super vine so at 4 o'clock on Sunday night realized that the paper would be due the next day so quickly googled all the questions on there paper came accross this website found a good essay and was nearly finished until they tried to read more and the website said sighn up first. So I was like ok and signed up then there were three payment options and I clickedd the free one cause you