Old Navy Gender Issues

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Hello Angelle, I see we have at least two in common, being from New Orleans and now residing in the big city of Baton Rouge, talk about change of pace, but I admit it has grew on me over the years. I also like working with the public and helping people realize their goals, both personal and professional. Helping someone to achieve what they may have considered an unattainable goal or dream is one of life’s most fulfilling feelings. Its also ironic that you work Our Lady of the Lake, I was recently speaking with a friend who I attended college with and she tells me she loves working for the “Lake” as an RN, is it that fun over there?

I think you are spot in you response to Old Navy’s gender discrimination issue. I would find it hard to believe for example jean material for women cost more than material for men, especially when its probably sourced from the same place. I would also venture out there to say that men’s bottoms should actually cost more because women bottoms are designed to be more form fitting than are those of men, therefore using less material. I’m personally all about equality, what rules you apply to one group you should apply to all. Old Navy was asking for attention from Women activist groups around the world when they implemented this bias policy. The one positive thing this issue did shed light on was the availability of plus-sized clothing at retail stores. I think the cost involved with carrying women’s plus-sizes on-hand at their retail