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| Vision Statement BUS 600 Management CommunicationsDr. Hector IwekaAugust 6, 2012Ashford University | | | | |


Vision Statement
Westmoreland’s Therapeutic Services in five years will be a home-based therapy center devoted to helping children develop personal and professional relationships with themselves and others. We will be committed to providing high-quality counseling to promote each individuals mental, emotional and social well-being. I state my values and beliefs to the parents of the children in my facilities by emulating qualities of hard work, proficiency and the desire for teaching children independence by finishing my masters and pursuing my doctorate degree. To be the best leader for the children in my facilities, I will have to be flexible enough to adjust to each child’s needs and satisfy their needs in a timely fashion. Many children get discouraged about change, but I am a strong believer that change means growth and growth means power. Although my facility will be a home-based therapy center, we will focus on changing things for each child personally and professionally. We will be committed to allowing each child to gain the power to do whatever they want in life regardless of their past experiences.
Westmoreland’s Therapeutic Services is convinced that we will be strong in some areas and weak in others. Specifically we will be strong in providing healthy relationships with each individual. It is apparent that the children in my facilities will have specific needs but we will try to build a relationship with each child to obtain the knowledge of how to deal with them individually. Based on my research, I have found that there aren’t enough high quality state facilities out here. I personally feel that every child needs a strong leader. If we are poor as leaders and providers for these children, they will suffer. But if we shine as leaders, our children will blossom and the universe is wide open to them.
As the CEO, I feel that my greatest strengths and abilities that I do best is listening. I am a very good listener. I am confident that when you listen, you are allowing people to open up to you. When people are comfortable around you, then you can accomplish your goal of healing. Two things that I can start doing more often to bring me joy while preparing to open…