Old videogames nowadays Essay

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Old Video Games Nowadays

The old video games never go out of style. Nowadays are people that want more an old video game than a newer. People can be more interesting in old video games because they are more interesting and also they remind the childhood of the client. Internet shops sometimes have more expensive the old video games than the new because is harder to find them. They are so many types of consoles that could be mentioned but the most commons are Atari, PlayStation and Nintendo.

Nintendo NES came up at the ends of the 80’s to position at the most sold console of those years. Nintendo NES had a lot of games that can be mentioned, but the most popular was the duck’s game. In this game the player had to kill ducks only by pointing a gun in the screen. If somebody have luck can find a Nintendo NES in good conditions on Internet lower than 100 dollars. All the people who love video games should had played with this console.

PlayStation One was the first of the new generation of consoles after Nintendo NES. PlayStation One was the first console of Sony. Sony developed the graphics of the old games with this console. It offers a new generation of controls. This console was the first "computer entertainment platform" to ship 100 million units. PlayStation One was the best console sold at that time, the successor of this console snatch that place.

Nintendo 64 was the last of its generation to release. Nintendo sold more than 30 million of units of this