Essay on older marraige vs younger marriage

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The conception of marriage is a mystery, which is crazy because marriage is one of the most important events in a person’s life there are a lot of different opinion on whether or not we should marry before we are young, some people think we should wait until we are older. Others say it doesn’t matter what age as long as you are in love. At the end of the day people should wait until they are older. People who are older and more mature tend to have more stable and longer lasting relationships than those who are younger.

The first reason why I think mature marriage is better and far more safe than people who marry at a younger age because; older couples are generally financially secured. It’s good to have financial security before marriage because marriage is a huge commitment. To most people know, marriage is a new chapter in life. In this new chapter financial security for family and children are crucial. Even though money isn’t everything that plays into a successful marriage, if the couple is financially stable it would be hard to lead a happy relationship for the couple and if the case may be, children. If there are difficult matters with money in a relationship, debt will inevitably occur because of the lack of financial security and that could lead to stress. Lack of finances and stress are the main contributing factors for most divorces worldwide (Cicovacki). For example, if a young couple’s child became ill, and they weren’t able to afford the medicine that would cause stress on the young couple, because they are not finically secured enough to take care of a child.

Younger couple shouldn’t marry because they are still trying to find their careers and interest. Studies proved that most college men studying in college didn’t have time for a relationship because they were focused on their carriers (DeMunk). Younger couples people don’t have a sense of what they want which is why people in younger relationships breakup so often. Studies show that men who are in a relationship before they finished college they viewed their relationships as temporary. Most of the men in the study viewed the relationship as physical based only. This study shows that most young lovers view their relationships on a physical level not on an