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What event recently caused older workers to have a difficult time finding employment? The Great Recession caused many workers to experience difficulty finding employment, and older workers were hit especially hard (Fox Business 2013). Companies were cutting costs very aggressively. Older workers were more likely to have management experience, with higher pay history and more expensive health insurance premiums and claims. When companies were reducing expenses and eliminating management layers, higher cost older workers were the first to go and less likely to be hired back. During the Great Recession, companies were also trying to find ways to conduct business with fewer people (Fox Business 2013). They were looking for ways to use technology to replace many of the functions that workers had previously performed. Older workers possibly did not have as much knowledge of new technologies that companies were putting in place to reduce costs. These types of jobs were more likely offered to younger candidates with recent education and experience in different technologies. The bottom line is that older workers cost more and probably did not have the specific skills needed when companies were in the process of cutting back.
Why are employers now seeking out older workers? Employers are now seeking out older workers because they need experienced people who require less training to become productive. Companies now need managers who have already been successful in the types of jobs they have available. Older worker are more likely to have management experience in the specific areas that companies need. The employer does not need to waste any time teaching them how to supervise others. All they have to do is provide an orientation to help them become familiar with the company as quickly as possible. The older workers are wiser because they have had the opportunity to work in different situations and conditions and learn from their successes and failures. The maturity of older workers is a now plus because they are more likely to make good management decisions based on their experience. The real value of hiring older workers in today’s business environment is the time saved by companies in getting them to reach their top performance. Also, older workers are less likely to make the same mistakes as inexperienced supervisors and managers because they have already been there and done that (Fox Business 2013).
What could YOU do as a supervisor to make these older workers feel comfortable working for your company?
In order to make older workers feel more comfortable, I would do the same…