Older Workers Challenges

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Challenges as younger supervisors manage older workers. Not all older workers are comfortable with reporting to someone significantly younger. New bosses tend to come with new ideas and changes that can be met with resistance from the existing staff. It is important that both the older employee and the younger manager work together and learn to communicate effectively if they hope to make this situation a success. Progress will require sensitivity, building trust, and mutual respect.
Corporate culture conflicts. It is not uncommon for companies to have to reinvent themselves due to changes in the competitive landscape or economy. Long-term employees have generally adapted to the existing corporate culture, but how will they fit in if the business needs to go in a different direction? Companies need to be fast on their feet to survive and cannot afford to be slowed down unnecessarily. Older workers set in their ways can make an already difficult situation even more challenging.
In addition, older workers tend to have different motivations in the workforce. While younger employees are driven by money and the ability to rise in the corporate ranks, older workers often want more emotional rewards, such as feeling needed, learning new skills, and contributing to the common good. If you want to get the most out of employees, you need to speak their language and understand what makes them tick.
Additional costs of maintaining older workers. Health care expenses are on the rise,