Olga Case Study

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Olga is a fifteen year old in ninth grade student at a large high school in southern Ohio. After testing, it was determined that Olga has dyslexia. Olga was born with Cerebral Palsy. Olga used to love school when she was in an inclusion classroom, however, since that is not her least restrictive environment she spend the majority of her day in a resource program and two classes in inclusion with the rest of her classmates, which she hates. Olga loves to participate in class discussions. She learns best through communication and conversation with her peers.

Olga and her family have moved around a lot in the past. Prior to when she moved into the district, she had moved five other times since she was an infant. This has caused her to struggle
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Olga gets along with her mother, and they are very close with one another. Olga’s mother has very high expectations for her daughter and wants to ensure she is able to peruse all of her dreams after high school. However, Olga and her step dad do not get along. He is unable to help her around the house and for other things she may need assistance with. Olga, and her stepfather are frequently fighting, or arguing about anything. This has caused Olga to be frustrated and angry with her current living environment.

Due to her Cerebral Palsy, Olga is unable to walk, and forced to remain in a wheel chair throughout school. Even at home, she does not spend much time outside of her wheel chair. This causes her to frequently complain about being sore and very uncomfortable. Also, due to this, she is unable to use the restroom independently, and requires an aid.

Olga has also been diagnosed with dyslexia, which has caused extreme issues when she is learning to read. She struggles with sequencing, spelling, note taking and taking notes. Often times she was unable to keep up with the rest of her class and was lost throughout the lecture. Due to this, her teachers often noted that she was daydreaming, and was not putting in the effort. Olga never asked for help in this department because she always wanted to blend in with her peers. Since she was unable to physically participate with them, she wanted to eliminate the barrier with her