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Marketing Plan Oliberté

International Marketing

MIB Front - Team 4

I. Executive Summary II. Concept Statement A. Company Background and Mission B. Products and Services C. Business Model: Sustainability and Uniqueness D. Strategic Intention E. Marketing F. Risk Analysis G. Differentiation H. Evaluation: Factor of success III. Situation Analysis A. Industry Analysis 1. Industry overview 2. Porter five forces 3. Market size 4. Position in the market life cycle 5. Available distribution structure, plus attitudes and practices 6. PESTEL 7. Risk Analysis B. Firm Analysis 1. Brief history of the company and stage of internationalization 2. SWOT Analysis 3. Stakeholder Analysis 4. Product Development and Product Extension 5. Pricing and
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The company itself has established unique business model and branding at the same time creating a new mentality of achieving competitive advantage in the long-term. In order to achieve customer loyalty, Oliberté need to search more opportunities for partnering and to launch more effective marketing approaches (which will be extended in IV. Strategic Marketing Decision). In addition, Oliberté need to develop ways of resolving the internal and external barriers to bring their business to higher level. In terms of the shoe selling market, even though the total market size of the shoe industry is rather big and is still in a growing trend, the saturated and risky market situation could hinder the ability for other newcomers to enter this market. For those larger manufacturers, such as TOM’s shoes, Nike, Adidas are looking to follow Oliberté’s footsteps and offer socially responsible shoes that are made in Africa. Their big size and large economies of scale will put Oliberté’s business into danger. Nevertheless, since African market is quite complex, the problems like corruption, government regulations, control of resources and tax issues can prevent newcomers from taking Oliberté‘s market share away. Oliberté’s target customers are mainly young generation people and socially conscious people who care about new original design and environmental/social well being of people