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Wesley Harvin #1
September 10, 2013

The sunglass and optical frame company of 25 years known as Oliver Peoples has created new online experience for costumers and eye wear fanatics, with a new and improved web site. The site was created to preserve their classic reputation while staying relevant in the market. The new site is broken down in to four categories, two of them being optical, sun wear and the other two which are “ The world of peoples” and “ Working Opticians “ two features on the site that demonstrate editorial content, collaborations within the company and the designee process behind the company. The co- owner and creative director said that “Although in my opinion, nothing can really compare to our in-store experience,” “the new site is as close as it gets.”
After reading the article in my personal opinion I felt as though it was interesting to see a company that old and in the market of eye wear to take such measures to advertise a product, that most of the time is an in store kind of thing, like mentioned in the article. From what I am guessing I could imagine the new web site makes it more sensible and reassuring for per say a customer interested in buying a product off-line appose to going to a store.
I mentioned before that I thought this was an interesting that this company made a whole new website, but I also believe it is sensible, as far as competing and staying ahead of other