Essay on Omaha School District to Split Along Racial Lines

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Bill Moler
Mr. Williamson
Omaha School District to Split Along Racial Lines

This article is about this city in Omaha that decided to divide their school districts into three separate parts. One would be made up of mostly whites, one made up of mostly black, and one made up of mostly Hispanic. People in favor of the bill argued that this would give minorities control over the school board for their district, so that minorities would not be overlooked during school in order to favor a white student. One senator said, for being the first state in 20 years to set race relations back, history will not, and should not look at us kindly. The Attorney General warned that there will almost certainly be lawsuits filed. The only black Senator in the state argued that there is already segregation the school systems because the buses do not integrate the neighborhood, forcing kids to go to their neighborhood school. The senator argued that the law is not intending to make any more segregation. After this law passed the Public School Superintendent said that the law is unconstitutional and will not stand.

I think this is one of the worst ideas ever. As the Attorney General said there will be lawsuits coming from every direction, and they won’t stop until they win. I felt that the statement by the black senator was quite stupid. Forcing kids to go to their zone school is not the same segregation as blacks to one school, whites to one school, and Hispanics to