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My name is Omar Ocampo,
During the semester of spring 2014 I failed to complete my classes for the following reasons; it all started with my two uncles who unexpectedly passed away in the span of a month. This really affected my family, more so my mother. Around this time was when we started to have our problems such as endless arguments and fights. My mother has always been my transportation due to the fact we are unfortunately unable to afford another vehicle. At first my mother was still taking me to school so I was able to attend my classes. However, as the weeks went by my mother grew into a great depression shortly after my grandmother had an unexpected heart attack. My mother was not taking me to school nor was she attending work. I also was under great stress and worried about everything that was happening to my family but I was still focused and determined to still attend my classes. On the other hand, my mother failed to take me to school which increased our arguments immensely. My sister and I started to worry about my mother but she did not want any help from us. I came to the conclusion I was going to be unable to finish my classes which brought me great disappointment knowing my goals of finishing the semester was not accomplished. My intentions have always been to finish my first year of college and to have credits done and completed, then I wanted to start the school of justice program at Miami-Dade. I have completed all my paperwork and exams for the