Omsosis ISA h w planning sheet 1 Essay

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Homework planning sheet –
Preparation for ISA practical

Deadline – Next Lesson
Complete the questions below:

Title: Investigate an investigation into osmosis.

You are trying to find the optimum solution for a chip shop owner to store his potato chips in before cooking.

If the chip shop owner puts them in a solution that makes them take in water the chips will become too flaccid, if they lose too much water they will shrink.

Section A
Research two methods
You may research your own sources.

What to research
Possible methods Background information What is an ISA? 1. State and explain your hypothesis.

2. Name two sources that you used for your research – be very specific

Which of these sources was the more useful, and why? 3. Describe how you plan to do your investigation to test the hypothesis you formulated.

You should include:

The aim of the experiment
Identify the dependent and independent variable
The equipment that you plan to use
How you will use the equipment = method the measurements that you are going to make (think of a suitable range, intervals and number of repeat readings that you should take Note: you will repeat each set of readings three times.)
How you will make it a fair test.
List the possible hazards you may encounter during the experiment. How would you minimize them? (This is called risk assessment) Draw a simple table that you could record your results in. You must include…