On My First Son Analysis

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Alicia Whiteley
Block 7
Day 3
Analysis to On my first son by Ben Jonson

The poem was written as a way to express the poet’s grief about the son who he lost at the age of seven. He talks about how he put his son on a higher pedestal than God. Potentially God took away his son from him because he committing a sin for having someone above God in his life. Jonson then continues in this piece by saying that if anyone ever asked him who is in the grave he will tell him that it is the greatest thing he ever had part in making and that it is better than his poetry. In the last couplet he gave advice to his readers and said that you should never take God for granite because he is the almighty and life is too precious to be taken away from you. The overall central theme to this piece would be that you should never put anything or anyone above God because he will punish you for doing so.

Analysis to On his Blindness by John Milton

This poem was written partially in frustration and partially in anger because the poet felt that he couldn’t serve God the way he wanted too. Milton lost his eye sight before middle age and he felt inadequate in a sense where he couldn’t serve God anymore. He then went to God and asked how he was supposed to serve God if he did not have his vision. He used unique characterization and apostrophe when “patience” had answered his questions to God. The idea of patience answering is rather unique because Patience is a virtue that many people lack and when