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Nobu Takuechi
ASAM 300
Sep. 25, 2014
On Or Off Campus: Social Justice

Throughout time our society has dealt with social injustices and we are blessed to have communities and gatherings that fight against it. One of the most influential communities that have made a worldwide impact is College Universities. These universities allow young minded individuals opportunities to create clubs and organization to fight back. Cal State Fullerton is one of many who have made numerous organizations and clubs within its facilities. It offers students a way to showcase their awareness in any political, religious, or other social injustices in society. CSUF has over two hundred clubs available and it allows students to be able to place themselves in particular interest and values. The AAPI event that I chose to attend for this assignment is Nikkei Student Union. This club allows students to come together and lend a helping hand on political and social problems within the Japanese American culture. It also elevates the awareness level of its members about the issues on hand.
With that said, each club has its own unique mission, and so it only reaches out to the students with its common interest in mind. Now how does social justice come into play? With various clubs and organization throughout the campus, its safe to say that each one believes that there mission has an upmost importance in society. It’s great to see that students here in our campus are becoming more deeply engaged in social justice issues within their organizations/clubs. But it stops there, because of these clubs focusing only in there specific mission they are trying to reach, I believe this elitism is increasingly making the work seem less accessible and approachable to others who might otherwise want to get involved and enact meaningful change in the world around them. Social justice is defined as “a fair and proper administration of laws in respect for that all persons are to be treated equally and without prejudice.” (business dictionary ) That is why I believe that it is an utmost importance to have social justice in/on campus communities because with so many diverse clubs and organizations that has different goals and views, it’s vital that all should be treated fair