Polar Bears Vs Global Warming

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Polar Bears vs. Global Warming Cassandra Amador Period 1. 2/21/12

We are living in the midst of a great chemical experiment, and some serious consequences are becoming apparent to scientists. The growing concern that Global Warming is going to thermally destroy the earth is causing serious precautions to take place. More than two billion pounds of chemicals are thrown into the air each year. These chemicals are making a mess, resulting in an atmosphere crisis. The greatest consequences of global warming is the destruction of species and their habitat and the ozone depletion. If humankind wants to survive well into the next era with the same animals and plants, than we must stop this destruction of our own environment.
The Earth has undergone periodic changes known as global cooling and global warming, today’s global warming is unique, due to human influences. The greenhouse effect is gasses in the atmosphere trapping heat. The major heat trapping gasses found in the atmosphere are; CO2 and water vapor. The rapid elevation of these gasses in the past fifty years have been the cause for concern for scientists around the world.
Our world appears to be warming due to the greenhouse effect. Scientists estimate that average temperature could climb about 2 degrees Celsius in 20 years. This change in the global climate would have disastrous results, including drought, coastal flooding and increased species extinction. And, scientists have discovered a hole in the ozone layer. The ozone layer is the only protection for life on Earth against deadly ultraviolet radiation from the sun.
Although Polar Bears are not at high risk, environmental problems and humans, put polar bears on the endangered species list because of the effects of global warming, pollution, and hunting. Polar Bears are one the few animals that can survive in the one of world’s harshest environments. This amazing animal is dynamic source to understanding what is occurring in the arctic.
Global warming is the leading problem to polar bears’ extinction. The suns heat waves push into the Earth’s atmosphere and throws a shock wave all around the world, causing intense warming of our globe. Climate change is very likely having an impact now on our planet and its life. With the climate changing animals have to adapt to newer habitats where it is not normal for them so the whole food chain goes out of order. Polar bears are one of the major species that is being effected by climate change. With the ice melting and more ocean spreading in, polar bears have no where to reproduce or hunt for food. Some scientists argue that global warming is nothing to worry about and that it is just a myth. There are other scientists who