Philosophy Of Psychology

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Psychology, according to textbooks, is the scientific study of mental functions and behaviors. This is, to me, as simple as it goes when it comes to defining the term psychology. Although, one can also say, that psychology is an application of what you know and can do in order to get what you want. It's almost, one can say, a manipulation of others and of one's surroundings in order to make one's way into the world. I think that study of psychology is an essential way of getting to know the mechanics of people and the world around you and using that to one's own advantage. Before I even knew broad the term known as Psychology, one could say I had a pretty good idea on how to use it, or at least an aspect on thereof, in order to get what I want. As a child I was quite adept in manipulating every adult I knew, especially my parents, in getting me what I want. Call me spoiled, but I had no knowledge of what exactly I was doing quite yet. I knew that it worked and it was a pretty handy craft; there was no cynicism involved in it whatsoever. Anytime I saw an interesting little toy, a yummy ice cream cone, or the latest video game, I would use every ounce of charm within me that I could unleash in order to possess such trivial things. To puppy eyes or a sparring of wit, I could do it all and be triumphant in the end. And I wouldn't quite call it 'taking advantage' either because I was truly grateful for what I received in such bounty. I always respectfully obeyed my elders and I was, also, very adept in performing my chores as well, so, in my opinion, it was a win-win situation. With age comes maturity and put aside my childish ways when I came of that age. In any