Essay about On Site Visit to Human Services

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I visited The Centers of Marion County Mental Health, which is a facility that treats

mental health patients as well as patients that need detoxification services. The facility has both

in-patient and out-patient programs that counsel and treat both adults and children that deal with

mental health diagnosis such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis, depression, and much

more. The mission of the centers is to “offer a wide variety of behavioral health care services

designed to help people of all ages reach their highest level of functioning.” (The Centers Web



Acute Care Services

The facility offers acute care services. The acute care ward includes 24 hour assessment
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young lady was very beautiful, however, she failed to see herself as such. She did not consider

herself anything to look at and had very low self-esteem. She shared that she always thought she

was ugly, so that is how she acted. During counseling, her self-esteem started to build and she

eventually viewed herself as a beautiful young lady. Subsequently, her actions followed suit.

Cognitive Tools Used:

Some cognitive behavior tools that are used are; readiness rulers (a tool for assessing the

importance of motivation, confidence, and change), a rapport building agenda (which helps to

create a healthy and innovative agenda of change), and counselor/client feedback cards (which

allows the client and professional to communicate when the client does not feel he can verbally

communicate his words.

Who Presents These Programs:

This facility is both a private and state-funded facility that is run by a great number of

skilled doctors, nurses, counselors, case workers, and other professionals. These dedication

professionals work along-side other community partners such as: community health departments,

public assistance service offices, schools, and many more to make these programs a success.

Models of Counseling Used:

According to Charlene Cains, RN there are several models of help and counseling used at

the facility. Of course, most of the treatments are “tailor-made” to fit individual needs, however,