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Evaluation Essay- Growing Into a Different Person Growing up is hard but learning the mistakes will make a person grow. The protagonist of the story will get over the past, live in the present, and realize who they are. Living in the present will only make them grow as a person and live life without the worry of the past. The piece that most accurately describes the process of growing up is “On the Bridge” by Strasser. This story is the most realistic because of the challenges, symbols, and realization. One way “On the Bridge” presents a true perspective of becoming mature is through the challenges Seth has to overcome. In the beginning of the story, Seth had never been in a fight in his life and scared to get into one. Seth crosses over the mature stage by overcoming his challenges along with Adam. Instead of confessing the truth, Seth mans up and supports Adam through a fight between three big guys. Seth is now brave and mature enough to protect his “friend.” Another way “On the Bridge” presents a realistic interpretation of growing up is through the use of symbolism. In this story, Seth wants to be a cool kid, not realizing that is not the true him. Adam’s leather jacket looked authentically old and worn, like he has been in a hundred fights with it. The denim jacket represents the tough and coolness of Adam. To be on the same level as Adam, Seth had to get a new denim jacket, rip the sleeves off, and wash it a hundred times. Another