On the Role of Religion in Regional Conflicts Essay

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Since the end of the Second World War, the world economy has been greatly developed. However, under the background of global prosperity, regional conflicts and wars are still going on. This leads to the intense controversy among scholars. The most influential party is represented by Samuel P. Huntington, who states his standpoint in his book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order, published in 1996. These scholars believe after Cold War, politics, or economy is no longer the root of conflicts. Instead, due to the global enthusiasm towards religions and civilizations and the increasing senses of cultural belonging, clash between religion-based civilizations becomes the main cause. But, the author believes on the contrary。 n the first part of the paper, the author theoretically compares the similarities of the faiths of some major religions and then provides evidence to show that extremists cannot be taken as representatives, even part of religions. Then, through case studies, the author explain in detail many other causes involved in some current hot issues and conflicts, proving that religions are part of the causes of regional conflicts, but far from to be a main one.
In this paper, the author expresses her disagreement on the thoughts in Clash of Civilizations and her wish to prove that religions are not the root of today’s conflicts according to detailed examples and cases. Religions, with civilizations divided on the basis of them, are precious parts of our human history. Therefore, the author firmly believes that the task on us is to further develop religions, rather than blame, hate, even diminish them. Key words: religion; Clash of Civilizations; root; regional conflicts.
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