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The Golden Girls One of my favorite memories growing up was watching “The Golden Girls “with my grandmother every Saturday night eating popcorn. The show is about four middle age women from different walks of life with seemingly nothing in common. These strangers couldn’t be more dissimilar. No one could imagine how these four souls would successfully live under one roof, but they decide to give it a try as they are all in pinch for somewhere to stay. The truth is all pandemonium broke loose and it was clear that they were just too different to share one house together. But one thing led to another and soon enough they were sitting around the table laughing, gossiping and sharing cheesecake. These four women eventually became the best of friends, despites all their differences. With their colorful characters, witty language and overall messages, The Golden Girls were known all over the world.
Many viewers are familiar with the shows four main characters. Dorothy is a tall, head strong, witty high school substitute teacher. Her persona comes off as her intelligence makes her superior to the other women in the house because they do not have as much papered education as she. Rose, is the exact opposite of Dorothy. Rose is the carefree blonde from a small farm town named St. Olaf, with not much education but a heart of gold. Rose, to put it bluntly, wasn’t exactly the “sharpest tool in the shed”. Always telling goofy stories about where she grew up, most of the time the women become annoyed with her and treat her poorly. Blanche the sex- starved, conceited, arrogant, self-absorbed Golden Girl. She clearly had the most male admires and stories detailing her various sexual encounters. Viewers could tell by the way the women were always teasing her about which man she brought home and the “welcome mat at the end of her bed”. Last by certainly not least we have Sofia a widow from Sicily who stayed in a Shady Pines Retirement home unit it burned down. Even though Sophia could be cruel at times she had certain way of making others look at difficult situations in a loving yet humorous, comical way. The other woman looked up to her as a mother because of her age and wisdom. Each of the characters in the show has to face major problems such as homosexuality, adultery, harassment some of the same issues we deal with in today’s society. But just like society they use their high moral values toward each problem they face to overcome their differences.
The language of the show also appeals to the viewers. Today as I watch the episodes the jokes that once went over my head now have taken on new meaning. When I was younger I didn’t realize how many controversial the show covered. The humor revolves around the sexual interests of older women. It’s filled with sexual innuendo and comical descriptions of sexual acts that will most likely go over the head of younger viewers, but parents may still want to exercise caution. Parents should also know that the show offers a positive look at women and senior citizens and raises awareness about the issues that seniors face in today’s society. The show also looks at many aspects of aging, which range from the comical (sagging chests, drooping bottoms) to the serious (rising health care costs) to the tragic (the rising incidence of homelessness among the populace). But The Golden