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Michelle Barncastle
March 19, 2011
Extra credit

On research day I went to the Hispanic Student Achievement and learning academy intervention program. She did a study about Hispanic culture because the drop out rate is so high. The percent of Hispanic students that drop out of school is 25 percent and its 1 and 4 of all ethnicities. She wanted to know if making the students at risk for dropping out have more attention by teachers and have them go into a regular classroom if their scores and grades would go up. They tested this for a semester and there was a good outcome to this experiment while it was going on. The at risk students they really liked being in a separate classroom and having one on one attention. They filled out a survey saying what they most liked about the class they were in and many of them said they liked how when they skipped class for whatever reasons they felt bad for skipping because the teachers cared that they were gone. With this program they new that they would graduate, but when they got taken out of the class that’s when they started to fall behind again.

The second research event I went to was To Come it was about children with disabilities. She talked about visual impairment and how they change the materials in the class for the students that do have visual impairment. Whether it be changing the colors of the projects or the size of the words on the paper. She has does many different studies with visual impairment but she said that she has so many missing data that she has not found yet. This study she has been working on has been a 12-year process and she still has a lot to do. I really enjoyed this workshop I went to I did not know this information before I went in. It was also very fascination topic and was very well thought and well researched. I am glad I went and choose this workshop to go to.

The next workshop I went to was about Technically of Art. I picked this workshop to go to because I love learning about art so I thought it was a good fit for me to go to. The speaker she has helped designs the sets for UNC’s theater performances. She said Art was a storyteller and the sets are supposed to tell the story and then when the actors come on the stage they should play off the set. She told us how much work that goes into making a set. How much detail goes into it, was so neat because when you see a set you know what the finished product is. She took us step by step into each step that goes into the sets and it was so cool after each step she showed us a picture and once it all came together it was so beautiful. All of the detail they put into the set was amazing they made everything from scratch. I though it was so fascinating to see all of their hard work come together. I really enjoyed