One Day in the Life of a Farm Girl Essay

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Farm girl “A typical ten year old child does not have to wake up at five in the morning to do the house hold duty”. I hey hear my father heavy foot steps outside my bed room door. They stop and my bed room door opens with the harsh scraping sound “Jessica are you awake yet “my father asks walk out as if I was about to fall from my warm bed. We all proceed with our usual morning routine. As soon as we open the door to the basement, we can smell the decaying aroma of cows that has seeped from our clothing into the damp cool air and we all go outside our part, now it is our turn. Nick opens the basement door, it is cold and windy want to go back to my bed, but I know and we all know our father is waiting for our help. When we finally reach the farm building we help each other to get in the barn. We jump on the, dutie. start helping our father have a special job, while the others milk the cows, feed the cows, I feed the new born calves, because I am the youngest, I finally have something to watch out for, and know what a responsibility means. after all this there is one last routine we all hate to do, cleaning out various huts and pens and laying down fresh straw it is very dust we barley breath when we do that. We usually return to the house around 7:30 am in the morning. After we get back to the house we change our work clothes and start cleaning up ourselves as fast as possible because the mouth watering delicious breakfast smell is aching our stomach with hunger. Once I arrive at school I am always tire comparing to my classmates, they get enough sleep and when we finish school, while they are thinking about which TV show they are going to watch, I will be thinking my day tasks. School has always been mu informal social gathering place, even though I want to participate in sport clubs, my chores in the farm have effect on my school life either I will be tire for the team exercise or I won’t have a time because I am too busy with farm work. On lunch break I never involves with my friends, when they talk about their game last night, about the coach and what happened on the game, I always fell desperate. In the eighth grade I