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One day there was a woman who was going walking down the street and she didn't think she was racist, but she was. She lived in the ghetto of New York city, and one day she was walking down the street to go work at her job thats about an hour and a half walk from where she lives and she sees a group of black men and clenches her purse and moves to the side of the walk way and stares at the group of black men walking past her minding their own business. Then about an hour later she comes across a group of white men and she smiles and says hello and walks away. then she hears them turn around and start running at her and they mugged her. This story shows that people can be racist and not even know but it’s still racism. This showed her that she was stereotypic and racist this paper will show you too that; Americans are kidding themselves if they think racism is dead when it is very much alive and well here in america, and here are some examples on how people and groups of people are racist in America first the new york police are racist, Minorities get paid less than white people, How many black people are incarcerated vs. white people. Also the economy is racist.

The people that we are supposed to trust the most, the people that watch over us and the city are racist well in New York they are. In New York 53% of the people stopped in 2011 were black. 9% of those people were white. This is important because this shows that the NYPD are not only racist but they think