One Event That Took Place On January 29 Essay

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Name:Odunola Osunji
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Nigerian Youths angrily stoned the Leaders convoys.

One event that took place on January, 29, 2014, was the conflict between Some angry youths and Nigerian leaders, and which really affected me. Although, I lived in the United States of America, I am a Nigeria citizen, and I have relative and friends still living in Nigeria. This gave me concern about them, and even wondered on what they might be going through in the day to day activities where the country lacks security. The fear of who is next to be killed, attack and bombing. I often find it difficult atimes to even encourage some of my close relative during our conversations over the phone concerning the event. In a country like Nigeria that is currently preparing for their presidential election, even though there are conflicts and debate over who should be voted for or who should not be voted for among the political parties. However, in order for Nigeria to be a safe and peaceful country, the electoral committee, referred to as Independent National Electoral Committee should make sure they run a fair election, and encourage people to participate and vote in the candidate of their choice as this may improve the life of Nigerian citizen afterwards.

In the article, I learned that some angry youths of a state called “Jalingo” in the eastern part of Nigeria threw stones at the Nigeria president convoy, breaking windshields and windows of several vehicles during an electoral campaign in Jalingo. The president “Goodluck Jonathan” and some other political leaders, was said to have gone for a re-election campaign towards the Nigeria coming presidential election in Jalingo. According to “The Washington post” police used tear gas and whips to disperse the youths, and also cause away of escape for the president. but there was no accurate report of anyone dead”. The protest involve the 276 girls kidnapped from a boarding school by terrorist, bombing of churches, mosques and that led to many innocent death. Some youths has lost their friends and family in these problems. Grieving for their loved ones. Since there is no improvement in Nigeria securities, and the president has not been able to come up with any hope for the people to be at peace, rather killing, bombing, kidnapping is increasing everyday by the group of terrorist called “Boko Haram” and yet he want to run a second tenure. Infact, other neighboring countries like Cameroun are been threatened of attacking their villages. So I believe this event or the cause should be made known to the world. However, I think the independent national electoral committee should run a fair election, and give room for citizens to vote for candidate of their choice. The electoral committee should provide means whereby people will be secured during the election avoid rigging the elections, avoid rioting during the elections. More so, the president should ask for intervention from other countries, the international organization that can sponsor recruiting soldiers from abroad. Providing them with weapons and equipment to fight the terrorist to stop the killings and kidnapping. Probably after the fair election, another new president might be elected and tackle the problems effectively in order to improve the life of the citizens.