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One Fine Night
The house was located on a windy, dimly lit road that seemed to be endless. But when we arrived around eleven in front of the two-story house nestled in between two large oak trees I began to hear my favorite song being played. Louder than I have ever heard before, it was like an unseen force was pulling me toward these two large Victorian style entrance doors. So we began our trek from the driveway toward the house through what seemed to be a maze of shrubbery and Celtic statues, without even a knock on the door we were greeted with a smile and a friendly “Hi guys, I’m glad you made it”.
Next thing I remember is being bombarded by strangers, in the large oval shaped living room, asking me if I wanted to buy illicit drugs, some of which I had never even heard of before. So of course I gathered myself a nice little smorgasbord of happiness, which definitely aided in my having a great time, and continued on. So further I went into the smoked filled house, running into a few people I knew, which was good because I had no idea where my friend who rode up with me was. It was just like being at a club, besides the dining room being the makeshift dance floor, they had it all ultraviolet lights, the smell of marijuana, people drinking, dancing, loud music.
After I had myself a few cheap tasting beers and mingled for a while I spotted the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in a long time. So I approached her and began the small talk but quickly found myself just gauging at her outfit. It was amazing, a long deep dark blue dress which was just so perfectly hugging her voluptuous body, shiny black heels, jewelry that looked like it came from the future, it was like the outfit was just screaming for my bedroom floor. Of course I had to ask her to dance with me, so I did and we began our walk toward the dance floor through the