One Major Change Essay

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Rima Patel
Mrs. Judy Miller
English 111
June 1, 2015
Major Changes in Life
There are many reasons that people want to change something in the past. Many time people end up making mistakes that could end up causing problems for them in the future. Due to these mistakes, people end up regretting these mistakes for rest of their life. For my personal reasons, I would like to fix some mistakes that I had already done in the past, I would like to do things in best effort, and to erase some bad feelings that persist my mind. To begin with, I want to fix some mistakes. I would like to go back to time when I was six years old. When I was six, I accidentally killed three baby birds. In that time, I climbed a tree which was in the garden behind my home. I saw a bird nest on that tree, and was curious about how many baby birds were in that nest. So I decided to climb to see with my own eyes. There were three weak, little birds in that nest. When I wanted to climb down, my hand accidentally hit the nest, and consequently, the nest fell down on the ground. Three little birds just died in front of my eyes. I did not want to kill those birds. I would like to go to that time to prevent that event from happening. Another reason which sometimes makes me to think about turning back in time to do the tasks that I should have done in the past. I would like to do something in best effort for getting the best result in my studies. When I was a freshman in high school, I did not pay enough attention to the subjects, which were been teaching at the school. In that time, I thought that it is enough to read a book without practicing to fully understand the new concepts. As a result, I would like to study as