Essay on One Microsoft Thinking

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Pan, Dong


1. Why do you think Microsoft decided to change its organizational structure?
For the first question, I feel like that Microsoft’s reorg is definitely for including handset business into its current company, in other words, to solve future coordination problems.
Since the Microsoft-Nokia deal was just accomplished in last few weeks, the problems that
Microsoft have to face is not just combining WP OS with this great handset division but also including this new group into currently bloated management system. So, it’s a big and expected move of reorganizing Microsoft and replacing all resources on more appropriate positions. It seems that this Microsoft-Nokia deal was the strategy that Microsoft learned from current
Internet/Mobile Internet and phone market. Apple got incredible success since iPhone was introduced in 2008. From that minute, most of phone makers and OS makers realized that today they need have both of great user experienced OS and excellently designed devices to succeed in market. Apple did this, XIAOMI (MIUI) did this, SAMSUNG and more phone makers are trying this.
Even through Microsoft is not trying to be another Apple, but this strategy is widely acceptable and reasonable for this market. Perhaps Microsoft just wants to competete with other phone makers to maintain growth of its revenue. Well, not many people know what
Microsoft really wants from this. Maybe this is indicating that Microsoft is creating an imaginative mobile