One of Life’s Impromptu Lessons Essay

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Mildred Swanson
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One of Life’s Impromptu Lessons

As long as this The Fray makes music that inspires emotions of love I believe that they will have an audience to listen. Songs that reach out to one’s soul can evoke powerful emotions that have the ability to alter one’s perception of a situation they may be facing. A person may be struggling to find the words, and then they find a song that expresses what they cannot. One may know the words they wish to share, but discover a song that expresses them more eloquently. Perhaps, someone turns on the radio and unexpectedly finds relief through a song they we feel was made just for them. No matter how they are discovered, heartfelt songs inspire us in some way or another.
I enjoy listening to ‘How to Save A Life’ because it encourages me to remain forgiving and patient. Sometimes, my loved ones are in need of guidance and not ultimatums. When going the extra mile may be the difference between winning and losing the battle, I dare not choose the latter; this song is truly inspiring.
Many have experienced the woes of a loved one dealing with substance abuse, a defiant child, or a friend that has lost their way. We do not have the answers to all of life’s problems, and sometimes we have no idea what to say at all. Then, we hear a song that doesn’t necessarily give us hope, but it acknowledges that we are not alone in our struggles. There is no handbook accompanying life, but there are great ballads such as ‘How to Save A Life’. Placing in the top 15 of The Billboard 200, the song ‘How to Save a Life’ made its debut on the self-titled album in September of 2005. Since that time, the popular rock song has been played on several episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (ABC 2007) as well as other prime-time shows such as The Hills (MTV 2006), and Scrubs (NBC 2006). In an interview about the inspiration for ‘How to Save A Life’, vocalist/pianist Slade reveals to USA Today’s Elysa Gardener (2006), the inspiration for the popular song: One of the kids I was paired up with was a musician. Here I