One Punch Can Kill Essay

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1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background Information
This report will review a very well known campaign released by Queensland Government. The “One Punch Can Kill” campaign was released in 2010 with the aim of preventing violence among young people. This campaign is targeted at younger aged groups (15-25) yet can be a reminder for all ages that acts of violence can and will have tragic effects on the lives of all involved. This campaign has vitalised its access to the modern era and has used many different forms of advertising, from radio to internet. This report will take just one of the numerous advertisements released by the Queensland Government and analyse the impact and effect this advertisement had on the success of this campaign. The advertisement shows a young teenage/adult with a look on her face that describes the mood straight away. Beside this image in big bold letters are the words “Just finished school. Charged with assault. Criminal record. Its for life”. This advertisement automatically symbolises the fact a simple punch can have lifetime consequences.

1.2 Purpose, Scope and Limitations
The purpose of this report is to analyse an advertisement published by the Queensland Government. This report aims to review and analyse the various aspects of the campaign. This report will discuss a range of factors that influence the success and unsuccessfulness of an advertisement. These include, the budget and timeframe, the legal and ethical issues, how well the advertisement works, and the improvements that need to be made in order to increase the rate of success for the campaign.

2.0 Advertisement Analysis
2.1 Target Audience
The ‘One punch can kill’ campaign first began in 2007. The campaign was targeted toward Generation Y. This campaign began due to the number of young lives cut far too short. This campaign quickly gained recognition across all states. The Queensland Government has a simple message “One Punch Can Kill”. Although this message may be strong in its meaning, the campaign is somewhat ineffective in its efforts to stop the senseless violence that continues to take place in this day and age.

2.2 Effectiveness of the Advertisement
In my opinion, the campaign is somewhat ineffective in its efforts to stop the senseless violence that takes place in this day and age. This particular campaign began in 2010. According to an article written by Aisha Dow (The Age – Victoria), “One punch” assaults have claimed 90 Australian lives since 2000. Victoria and Queensland both have a small yet significant amount of ‘one punch’ deaths, with 24 cases, while New South Wales topped both states with 28 cases. This advertisement although has a strong central message, fails to reach its goal of preventing senseless violence.

2.4 Budget and Timeframe
Table 1: Estimated Costs
Duration of the Task
Estimated Labour Cost
Establish what will be in the advertisement Approx 10 hours@$60/hr
Approx $600
Layout of the Advertisement

$1,500 - $20,000
Putting together of the advertisement
Approx 5 @ $60/hr
Approx $300
Distribution of the advertisement

Continual Distribution

Table 2: All resources/equipment…