Reflection On Management Development

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The first reflection on process of Management Development 2 that I gathered was that teamwork is a function of how team members perceive the team and their role in it. The social identity theory (Tajfel & Turner, 1986) suggests that the motivation for thinking, feeling, and thus working as a cohesive unit is socially constructed. Therefore, in order to be a highly productive teamwork requires that team members recognise the team as a unit and as an attractive work arrangement. This theory was applies after the realisation of how vital it was for each team member to identify the team as a unit in order to feel motivated and involved. This was occurred mainly when only few of the members were working effectively whilst others weren’t involved as were not motivated enough consequently, remained inactive and didn’t consider themselves as part of a unit. This however can be argued by Maslow’s motivation theory (1954) which suggests that each of us are motivated only by needs therefore every member was only motivated for the grades of our group assignment and that is how we put our role in practice.

Additionally, Bruce Tuckman’s (1965) theory stresses on the matter in which a group tackles objective from the primary stage until the finalisation of project which may cause the team and project to fail. The first stage of Dr Tuckman is identified by Forming; were each member focuses on the leader, accepting only his guidance and authority whilst maintaining a distant