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Logging in
Go to website
Select log in
Enter username and password

Here you can access messages, tasks, resources and review your progress
Messages are in internal messaging service which enables you to send messages to your assessor and vice versa
Signing an Assessment Plan
With your assessor, you would have agreed evidence/work to be completed for the next appointment. When your assessor has completed a plan for you, this will appear in your tasks to accept. Click on the task to open the plan. Review this and then when you are ready, tick at the bottom of the screen and then click save and quit. Any work for you to do will now appear in your tasks.
Submitting Evidence/Work
When you have completed a piece of work ready to be submitted and assessed, click on the relating task, scroll down until you see the upload symbol, click on this, then upload the evidence by clicking on browse and selecting the work that you have saved to your computer then click on upload. When you have done this, near the top of the page, click on assessment and this will take you back to the task which will contain your newly uploaded work. You can now leave any comments of feedback to your assessor, enter the amount of time this work took you then sign (tick) your name at the bottom of the screen and click save and quit. This will now be sent to your assessor. You will notice that this task is no longer shown as work for you to do.

The time sheet is located on your dashboard. This is used to keep a log of your guided learning hours. In the description of session, record what the learning activity was. You can then select the date this occurred or if this was between two dates e.g. start and end of week, you can record dates from and to. From the category drop down box, you can then choose what type of