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Church, an idea...No…rather a structure that embodies not only physical connotations but also a spiritual surrounding not seen by the human eye; only….felt by the human heart. At the age of nine, I could not, nor would not accept the veracity within that statement. The only truthfulness I could possibly concede in my heart was Hatred—due to an ignorance that plagued my childhood until I moved to Frisco and learned the true love of god.
June 18th, 2008 around 11:00 am, I cried for the first time in a church sermon at Elevate life church. It affected me so much I began going to their youth service on Sunday nights. Then after about a year or so, I joined the few team. The Few was a simple Team, which enabled us to set up the chairs and tables for the service. Little did I know we were setting up the discipline and leadership that would mold over our being just as the cocoon of the caterpillar molds over the body and under goes a metamorphous; Reviling the shape of new beautiful being of prosperity. Leaders of The Few team challenged me with many difficult tasks. Whether it is, taking charge of a set up that needs a small team to build it or overcoming an introverted personality by talking to many random people about Jesus.
Through Christ and the leadership I obtained, a Mentality of hard work and commitment ensued in my moral consciences. This mentality has been a direct variation towards my grades and Course selection. Christ is the voltage that drives my current through