Oneway: Barack Obama and Trayon Smith History Essay

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Trayon Smith
History 1320: OL2
December 3, 2012
Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father
A story of Race and Inheritance

The book I had chosen this semester is “Barack Obama, Dreams from My Father, A Story of Race and Inheritance. This book was first published by Three Rivers press, New York, New York. These publishers were Member of the crown publishing group, and a division of Random House, Inc. The author of the book is Barack Obama. This book had been out more than a decade ago. The reason for choosing this book was to read deeper into his reason why he wanted to run for President, and what motivated him to success. The main reason I choose the book was because he was the first “African American President”, and that to me is HISTORY. I feel like if you read this book it would help you understand more about yourself and inheritance of different races. Barack Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991, where he served as an African-American President of the Harvard Law Review. He has worked as a community organizer, civil rights attorney, and law professor. Since 1997, he has represented parts of Chicago’s south side in Illinois General Assembly, and he is currently the Democratic Nominee to become the junior U.S. senator from Illinois. He lives in Chicago with his wife, Michelle, and daughters, Malia and Sasha. In 1992, he directed Illinois project VOTE, which registered 150,000 new voters. As a three- term state senator from Chicago’s south side, Obama has sponsored and passed into law a wide range of progressive legislation, including expansion of Health insurance programs for children, overhauls to the state’s welfare and criminal justice systems and tougher campaign ethics laws. Whatever the label attaches to this book; autobiography, memoir, family history,