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SEPTEMBER 22, 2013
Computers are being used for almost everything nowadays. People have hard decisions on what make and model computer they want to buy. Some people do not want to spend a lot on a computer, and some do not mind spending a lot on a computer or laptop.

Choosing a computer can be quite hard for some customers. So when it comes to buying a computer some people decide to research them before picking one out. This can be hard for a first time computer buyer, because they do not really know what to look for. This paper will give different views on three model computers. Hewlett Packard Computers and Laptops
Hewlett Packard’s desktop and laptop brands set the trend in windows computing. HP pavilion desktops provide a wide array of series from A6000 to high end D4000 series. They provide hundreds of gigabytes of storage. These computers have high end multimedia systems with Elite models. HP’s also have all in one models. The prices for HP laptops range from $479.99-$879.99. For the modem they range from $499.99-$1,129.99 and the monitors range from $129.99-$199.99. These prices are not really that bad for someone that is willing to spend this amount for their computers. A lot of people choose HP because they like the product and it works well for them. APPLE COMPUTERS
Apple runs on a MAC operating system, this is the only computer brand on MAC. The people who use Apple can also run on the Windows OS system. Apple comes with a multi-media software that is popular with the masses. Apple products are very expensive, this product would be perfect for a customer that is willing to pay an expensive price for their computer. The prices for Apple product varies, it all depends on what you choose to…