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Question 1

* The name (not value) for a measured electrical charge difference between the inside and the outside of a resting cell's plasma membrane.

membrane potential

Question 2

* This principle, which determines the direction of diffusion for charged solutes, combines the concentration and electrical charge gradients acting on a solute:

Electrochemical gradient

Question 3

* If only potassium leakage determined membrane potential, what value would membrane potential have in millivolts?


Question 4

* If a cell's membrane potential becomes less negative, the membrane is going through ________.


Question 5

* If a cell's membrane potential becomes MORE negative, the membrane is going through ________.


Question 6

* What kinds of ion channels are needed in order for a membrane to go through the sudden potential change called an _action potential_? 


Question 7

* What are the chemical communication signals released by neurons onto neighboring cells called?


Question 8

* The kind of chemical communication carried out with local hormones is:


Question 9

* A chemical signal that travels in the blood can properly be called a/an:


Question 10

* A cell that can have its behavior changed by a chemical signal is called a __ cell for that chemical.


Question 11

* The class of chemical signal molecules made from cholesterol:


Question 12

* The proteins that lipid-soluble signals like thyroid hormones must bind to for travel in the blood are called: 


Question 13

* Integral membrane proteins or glycoproteins that detect changes in a cell s chemical, electrical, or physical surroundings.

Membrane receptors

Question 14

* Steroid and thyroid hormones have receptors that bind to ___ after the hormone binds to the receptor.


Question 15

* The enzyme that breaks down cAMP is called ____.


Question 16

* Binding of an activated ___ to a regulatory site activates the adenylate cyclase enzyme.

G protein

Question 17

* Adenylate cyclase makes ATP into ___.


Question 18

* cAMP regulates the activity of a __ enzyme.


Question 19

* What kind of plasma membrane molecule does phospholipase C act upon? 


Question 20

* Phospholipase C cuts Phosphatidyl inositol bis-phosphate into diacylglycerol and ___.

inositol triphosphate

Question 21

* Diacylglycerol (DAG) acts as a regulator to turn on a _________ enzyme.

Protein kinase

Question 22

* A cytoplasmic receptor protein that calcium ions commonly bind to when calcium is serving as a second (or third) messenger:


Question 23

* The hormone receptor for insulin is a ___.

Tyrosine kinase

Question 24

* If a chemical signal has a half-life of 1 hour in the bloodstream, how long will it take for its concentration to drop to one-eighth of the starting value?


Question 25

* The class of chemical signal molecules made from arachidonic acid:

* ecioscanoids

* Question 26

* The enzyme needed to catalyze conversion of arachidonic acid into prostaglandin signal molecules is:


Question 27

* The study of tissues, usually at a microscopic level, is ___.


Question 28

* The extracellular portion of a connective tissue, containing fibers and ground substance, is the __ of the tissue.


Question 29

* The earliest, embryonic, connective tissue derived from mesoderm is:


Question 30

* What is the single fluid connective tissue type?


Question 31

* What kind of cell makes the fibers in fibrous connective tissue?


Question 32

* What protein gives dense