Difference Between Traditional And Traditional Classes

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Online Classes VS. Traditional Classes
Myrnia Brown
Com/155 University Composition and Communication 1
Aliceia Atkinson
November 3, 2013

With the benefit of learning online on the rise rather than going to a traditional classroom there are so many business and other organizations turning to online for training classes for there. When it comes to learning in an online or traditional classroom both are good ways to get an education. When it comes to the online classroom there is more flexibility with the schedule because the learning takes place with no fixed location, whereas with traditional classroom there is more of a set schedule and location within a classroom and at the school. Online classroom provides flexibility in schedule and allows for one to work at their own pace. When it comes to the flexibility in online classroom you do not have to log in at the same time every day. You are able to log in the classroom anytime of the night or day that you would like too, this allows for one to take their time all week to complete the assignment for the class because in most online classes all assignments are due on Sundays. Traditional classroom have a little be more structure because there is more of a set schedule as to when and what time to come to class. Traditional class is a face to face instructional setting. In some cases you can get some type of one on one help in the traditional class. When it comes to studying and the effectiveness of online and face to face classes the learning is conducted with the whole class participating and there is almost no group or individual study. With online the student participates in determining the subject matter and the studying is bases on various sources of information and most of the learning process takes place in groups or by the individual student. One they are in a classroom the battle is mostly won. In life 80 percent of education is showing up in person. On average online students that took the same classes as traditional face to face students did better, because they are better connected to the real world and the subject matter is richer and includes material n different formats. Online students spend more time on task than student in face to face. With face to face meeting in a