Online Classes Vs Campus Essay

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Online Classes Vs, Campus Classes Eng. 1150
Alisha Farris
November 2, 2014

Many Americans are attending college. Some are just coming from high school and some have been out of school for a while. No matter if you are continuing you education or returning from a long leave. There are choices about you education you will have to make. The main choice is to decide if you want to attend collage online or on campus. If you have a Job and family at home then online could the best choice for you.
When deciding how to attend school, a person should always weigh the pros and cons of campus vs online, the first thing someone should consider is how he or she learn best. So let consider if he or she had a Job, a family or other things that they would interfere with a full time schedule.
Online classes will give a person a full schedule but it is more of work at your own pace thing, online classes gives you all of you learning and reading assignments on a Monday witch will usually due on Sundays. Whereas if you were going to a attend a campus full time they would have to a physically attend a class for at least 2-5 time a week for 2-3 hours per day, and most of the assignments are due the next class period.
Transportation or commuting is another benefit that an online school would help eliminate online classes are done at home on you time so there is no need to travel anywhere as long as you have internet access and a computer, whereas an on campus you would have a daily commute and leave in plenty of time not to be late. Another reason a person might want consider online classes is because you work on your own. Most campus today have a very overwhelming amount of students in each class. Online classes eliminate all the over overwhelming feeling of being around a lot people.

One more thing a person may like more about doing classes online is, books. They do not have to go to a book store and wait forever to get their books, nor do they have to walk around carrying a bunch of books in their back packs. Students who attend online classes will order a few books off the online