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Concept Map:


“Computer – mediated communication (CMC) has become mainstream in work life. This raises the questions what impact of CMC on our daily work is.” (Derks & Bakker, 2010).With the changes in technology, the 21st century marks the use of online communication as an integral part of any organisation. CMC helps in motivating the workforce, who in return contribute in the success of that organisation. This essay explains how online communication effects an organisation with its use. It focuses on how CMC is slowly but gradually taking over the traditional face-to-face method of communication. In this era of globalisation, communication is vital when it comes to communication not just within the organisation, but communication across different countries that differ in culture and/or language. This intercultural communication could pose either a risk, or a great deal of success for the organisations. This risk and success depends on how competent are the people working in those organisations, in using the correct ways of online communication between different cultures. Therefore, it is vital for an organisation to not only train its employees in becoming intercultural competent but also to use the correct medium to communicate. The richer the medium is, the better understanding of the message will be. Communicating with a medium that is not suited for that specific job can prove problematic in conveying the message. This role of media richness and intercultural competence of the workforce will be covered in detail in the following essay.

Communication is pivotal in the growth and success of any organisation. With changes in technology, the modes of communication have also changed. Online communication or computer mediated communication is such mode of communication that has become a requisite for all the organisations in this era of information and communication technologies. It is quite evident that online communication has considerably changed the way organisations and their employees communicate with each other. Online communication is responsible for not only a company’s internal growth, but it also opens the doors for the company to effortlessly communicate with the rest of the world. This information age