Essay about Online Dating Service and Eharmony Direct Competitors

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eHarmony has solutions to counteract the competition and remain the leading online dating website. eHarmony’s answers consist of widening their customer base by lowering their standards, creating a separate website targeting casual daters, inviting same sex matches, and expanding globally. Each solution is a different strategy for the common goal, which is to remain the top match making website and increase its customer base. The first solution offered to generating more customers is lowering the standards to become a member of eHarmony. eHarmony can lower the barriers to join by three ways. The first being to lower the acceptance rate. Currently, those who take hours out of their day to fill out the lengthy questionnaire may not even be accepted into the system. By lowering the acceptance rate more customers will be paying the subscription automatically. The second option is to remove or decrease the subscription fee. Only five percent of singles are willing to pay for an online dating service. eHarmony can increase customers dramatically if it removes the fee. The third option to lowering the standards to join eHarmony would be to decrease the amount of questions of their questionnaire, which creates the matchmaking algorithm. eHarmony has had success in generating new customers when they decreased the amount of questions to two hundred and fifty. By decrease the questionnaire to one hundred, eHarmony will see more customers. A problem with lowering the standards to get into eHarmony is that eHarmony will not be as confident in their matches, because the selection base is broad. The second solution is creating a separate website targeting the casual daters. eHarmony direct competitors ( Match and Yahoo!) have already tapped into this market with great success, proving that there is a market for this type of relationship. Right now eHarmony is hesitant to get into this market because, they are afraid of losing their marriage minded reputation. That is why one alternative solution to gain respect in this market share and by doing so creating more customers, is to create a separate website to target casual daters. Match has had success with their casual dating service, but they do not have the reputation of a quality product like eHarmony does. Also, the matchmaking algorithm can separate eHarmony’s casual dating service from their competitors. The downside to this solution is that if eHarmony chooses to advertise the new website by associating themselves with the new site, it can harm their reputation of their current customer by, who are subscribed to get married. The third option is to include same sex matches into the system. eHarmony can easily do this by having the interested in men or women in their questionnaire. By doing this eHarmony is getting themselves into an increasing market, as being gay/ lesbian is increasing more acceptable in society. Currently same sex seeking individuals have to go on niche websites because the market does not provide a popular source. Also, eHarmony has already been sued for