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Just think about not knowing any of your best friends or your favorite teachers. The department of education is wasting their money on an online school. They say that bullying is a problem in high schools but bullying rates have decreased since the new anti-bullying programs according to Teenagers that would go to this online school wouldn’t have the essential social skills that are needed in life, which can cause problems in the future. They also would miss the fun school activities that happens which are unforgettable. In addition, all people learn in different ways. So, if a visual learner goes to an online school they would have a hard time understanding the subjects. I strongly disagree with this experiment and believe they are wasting their money, time, and effort.

Having an online school can cause people to have lack of social skills. There are four types of skills that are needed. Such as, survival skills (listening, following directions, and ignoring distractions), interpersonal skills (sharing, and asking for permission), problem-solving skills (asking for help, apologizing, and accepting consequences), and conflict resolution skills (dealing with peer pressure, being left out, and losing). According to the national association of school psychologist (NASP) they found out that people who have little to none social skills show signs of depression, aggression and anxiety. They also found out that people who have little social skills show a higher incidence of involvement in the criminal justice system as adults. This online school can damage the future of the people because of the criminal incidents that can happen. Going to a non-virtual high school is an unforgettable experience. In, a public blog on many people shared their high school experiences. In many of their explanations of their experience most of them loved being in high school. There was an abundant amount of athletes that were describing