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Online shopping “Ding dong...” I heard the door bell ring and I quickly ran down the stairs “I’ll get it!” I yelled. I knew that my express delivery had arrived. I bought a limited edition CD of my favourite singer online a week ago. I received a delivery notice e-mail the night before and I knew that my dream CD was coming. I signed the receipt quickly and the delivery guy gave me a small parcel. The CD had been well protected by a paper box with several layers of bubble wrap. I felt so lucky to get this CD because not every store had it due to the limited quantity. I was busy preparing for my final exams and had little time to go to the CD store in person. Online shopping saved me a great amount of time compared to actually going to the store so I could concentrate more on my school work. Nowadays, with the fleet development of technology, online shopping is becoming more popular. Sellers have started to open online shopping mall for customers because of so many advantages of shopping. Global warming is one of the biggest environmental issues that humans are facing right now. With the development of scientific and technological progress, pollution is getting worse across the world. Most families go shopping by cars, online shopping has been considered as green shopping. There are a great deal of nasty toxic chemicals in the car’s exhaust that have a momentous influence on our environment. Less driving not only benefits the environment, but also saves money from gasoline. Since online shopping has been developed, driving 15 km away from home has become unnecessary. Online shopping has simplified our life.A computer and the internet access is all you need for shopping. I like online shopping, since it gives me a lot of choices. The internet connects the entire world, we can buy goods from anywhere you want. Some products are only sale in the local stores and they don’t have it in Canada. For instance, my mom had a serious headache for a long time. I did some research online and found out that “mint ice” was in relieving the symptom. It is a special mint only produced in Indonesia. Local people make it into solid crystal extract from the mint. I ordered a box of mint online and it had been shipped to my house after two weeks. The special mint worked really well for my mom and I really appreciated the development of online shopping. Furthermore, extreme bad weather happens incessantly, people don’t like to go out on a heavy snow day. Instead, they can sit in front of the computers and click the mice at any time they want. Do not need to worry about the store hours or the location. To be able to drink some hot chocolate and wait for the