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Online shopping can be both intimidating and frustrating to those who are new to the experience, and even to some who are experienced users. I have compared three online soccer stores, soccer. Com, World soccer shop. Com, and pro direct soccer. Com, basing them off four simple criteria. First of all presentation, second ease of navigation, thirdly compabltabiltiy across different platforms, and finally the security of the website.All are very different topics, but have a huge effect on the shopping experience for consumers everywhere. Presentation is key for every consumer based website, and all three had a very crisp and professional look to them,which is something every costumer wants to see when they waltz into a new site. Although they all have basically the same merchandise within them, the website that most effectively portrayed their home screen was pro direct soccer and soccer. Because although all the websites had very professional looking home screen. soccer and pro direct soccer, had a very inviting screen surrounded with vibrant colors that worked well, and the text was readable throughout, compared to the gloomy and uninviting site of world soccer shop. Com. They also had a lot more pictures that represented the item they were selling, giving the site a more soccer focused vision of field. However even with an esthetically looking website, one of the most important aspects of online shopping is the ease of navigation and navigational tools. The