Online Therapy Research Paper

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Online Therapy Heather Lattea BSHS/352 Instructor Andrade August 13, 2012

Online Therapy Online therapy has emerged as a viable new option in the helping profession. Online therapy or e-therapy occurs when a therapist provides therapy and support over the Internet. E-mail, chat, video, or smart phone are all ways individuals can communicate through online therapy. Online therapy websites are abounding on the Internet, any individual seeking online therapy will surely find what they are looking for. This paper will evaluate and explain the content from
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It also offers an online forum that allows individuals possessing similar problems to meet and chat. The site offers mobile access as well to an electronic tablet or smart phone. The site is a little pricey but offers a 14-day money back guarantee. Professional Associations and State Regulatory Boards Views Professional associations are often slow at times to endorse new practices, such as online therapy. Many states have different licensing requirements and treatment guidelines. Online therapists are subject to the same laws that regulate online therapy. Laws are very clear in most states; therapists must be licensed in the state of residence of the client. The same verification process is required by state licensing boards if a therapist wants to practice online. No matter what the communication technology used to deliver therapy, practice is practice. Security and Ethical Issues Online therapists are still regular therapist, therapist who must act responsibly in caring for clients. Most therapists follow a code of ethics that governs his or her behavior. Just because a therapist is working online does not mean these codes go out the window, the codes must be followed. Online therapists must act as a therapist at all times. Online therapist cannot abandon a client, misrepresent credentials, services, fees, or make any false claims. Most online therapists are skilled professionals that