Online Therapy Paper

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Online Therapy Paper
Shanika Elebeck
BSHS 375
June 23, 2015
Ms. Reyes
Online Therapy Paper

Technology has made an enormous advancement with the helping field through technical applications. Applications like Skype can allow a person to communicate through video. A person can use Skype for personal and professional purposes. Applications that allow a person to video chat have been used to perform online doctor visits and online psychotherapy services. Like everything in this world nothing is perfect and an online psychotherapy service has its pro’s and con’s. Websites that are used for online therapy have to follow the government and state’s regulations and are mostly beneficial to the client. Breakthrough is an online
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The services are affordable and make the client comfortable. The client is comfortable because they can use the webcam from their own home. The services are easy to access because a person can use Skype on their computer or Smartphone. The client not having to travel and spend gas money on top of the session cost is why online therapy is affordable. For example the Life Practice center in Sacramento session rates is forty-five dollars per session. If a person goes twice a week for eight weeks their cost would be seven hundred twenty dollars. Breakthrough and Talkspace are covered through most medical insurance. Blah therapy costs are depending on how long a person chats with their therapist. The rates go from one dollar and forty-nine cents to three dollars and seventy-four cents a minute. If a person does not want to do that they can also chat for twenty-nine dollars for thirty minutes. The one big disadvantage would be confidentiality especially for blah therapy services. Depending on another person to keep your information confident may cause a problem. The website does not watch what is said and regulate the site twenty-four hours of the day. Another disadvantage would probably be the medical coverage. Some site may not take all medical insurance and when they do not it does not sp how much each session cost. The last disadvantage would be a person trusting some websites. When a person