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Online Verses Tradition Education

There are many reasons why people choose to go back to school and earn their degree online. Online courses have become so popular because of the way technologies have become where it is second nature to most people. People that go to traditional colleges are the ones that may have just graduated from high school, or they feel that they can handle the classroom. So they do schooling that accommodates their lives and some feel that that’s the only way they can learn.
When a person is doing online studies they have choose to make. When they do it is up to that person to stick within them hours to make sure that all of the work is done for that week. Even though it is given a week for the assignment to be handed in it’s up to that person to make sure that they have it done it. Only he/she can make sure of that. A person may become lost in the shuffle at time, but then he/she must realize that they must get up and do his/her work for that week and week to come.
Being in an online class you’re not in a classroom you’re on a computer at all times of day and night depends on when you’re working or however you decided to do your studying technique. You’re not in a classroom with other people because you don’t have no reason to be, because your choice to be on line. When people make a chose like this one they must make it for more than one or two reasons. And those reason had to be because of the hours of work or the school they want was not close to them, or they didn’t want to be in a classroom setting.
Individuals have the right to do our own way of schooling, but our people that have foubase around a lot of people. So those are the ones that have a hard time adjusting to what maybe taught to them because of the classroom size. We all may have to make sacrifices at some points in our lives but then when it comes down to learning we all have our choose that have to be for the right reasons. Now we can take some classes where a webcam me be call for then you are inter acting with your fellow classmates but it is not the same as knowing them personally.
Now when a person has to go and sit in a class at 7:45 a.m. he/she must do that at them days that are schedule for he/she. So that on the other hand the one that is doing online class maybe just getting out of bed and having coffee. Not worry if the book is left at home or not for one class that you are having that day but for both classes you got that day. Then coming back and forth for different classes threw out the day. Schedule classes during and around my work schedule. With the coming back after a two hour break you are now tired and sleep and don’t want to be in school.
When students are in a classroom setting they have an advantage that an online student don’t have and that it is to ask the instructor a question right then a get the answer. The online student