Ontarion University Fair Essay

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University Fair


Following timeline should get confirmed at the Show:

Nov-Dec. apply for university.

February: Early offer from school (conditional).

May-June: final offer

August: register at the school at the end of month.

Why people go to University Show/Fair; or questions they may ask there:

1. Collect all brochures from the schools. Number 1 question has to be answered there is: acceptance requirement or criteria. The mark posted at school website is not necessarily same as what you get from school brochures, and it will keep changing based on the amount of applicants, like they will raise the “true bar” when more people try to get in but may do opposite when less people have interests. As a result, previous records/history is important, like school always tend to raise the cutoff or lower the line.
Other info like Scholarships, costs (tuitions) and so on.
2. Better understanding about programs, like under “Biology” or “Business” or “Life Sciences”, what exact programs the school will offer? ---- Double degrees? ---. May students contact their professors or lecturers easily? Can they see comments from each teacher when they finish one course? Chances (flexibility) or difficulties to switch majors or different programs?
Double Degrees: is it true people get enrolled first with “general program or major” then the true “double degrees” kicks in 2-3 years, based on all students marks, then only a small percentage of students get to move on to this Double Degree?
Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), programs: best universities are 3: Ivey (Western Ontario), Schulich (under York but not York BBA program) and Queens. BBA programs at those universities may be available but only at…